UMR 8203

Dr Lluis M. Mir

Phone : 33 1 42 11 44 91

Research Pavilion 2 (+1)

UMR 8203 Vectorology
and anti-cancerous therapeutics

Research unit

CNRS - IGR - Paris-XI University

Integrated Research Cancer Institute in Villejuif

Director : Dr Lluis  M. Mir

The unit's objective is to develop viral and non-viral vectorisation systems which can be used to propose antitumoral gene therapy.

Viral systems are derived from type 5 human adenovirus; non-viral vectorisation is based on the electrotransfer of plasmid DNA into muscle and the use of liposomes.

We are also trying to control the immune response which counteracts expression of the therapeutic gene after gene transfer.

Antitumoral gene therapy depends on the expression of antiangiogenic factors, the use of antisense oligonucleotides against oncogenes or the transfer of genes promoting metabolic iodide radiotherapy.

These new therapies are evaluated using tumour models implanted in mice and tumoral and vascular status is analysed by anatomicopathology and Doppler echography.

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