Villejuif, 4th November 2015

Cooperation in the health field

Gustave Roussy signs an agreement to establish an oncology centre in Kuwait

On Wednesday, 21st October, on the occasion of the official visit of the Prime Minister of Kuwait, Sheikh Jaber Al Moubarak Al Hamad Al Sabah, to France, a major step was taken towards the establishment of a future Gustave Roussy satellite hospital in Kuwait City.
A letter of intent marking the determination to develop the future hospital was signed by the two partners in this project: Gustave Roussy, the leading Cancer Centre in Europe, and the Al Mutawa group, a major actor in the health field in Kuwait.   
This agreement, which has the blessing of both the French and Kuwaiti states, will strengthen bilateral cooperation between the two countries in health provision.  

«The signature of the letter of intent formalises the commitment of our two countries and lays the foundations of the future Gustave Roussy satellite in Kuwait. This is a major step forwards for the project which reinforces our development on an international scale» declared Charles Guépratte, Deputy General Director of Gustave Roussy.

Managing a Gustave Roussy satellite hospital according to the highest standards of the Institute

The mission of the future Gustave Roussy satellite Cancer Centre is to offer Kuwait, where the incidence of cancer is high, a comprehensive and integrated approach to the disease. Decisions about each individual patient are taken in multidisciplinary committees and are tailored to the patient according to the highest diagnostic and therapeutic standards. Expanding the offer of local care in oncology, the satellite hospital will provide innovative care pathways, which are not yet available in Kuwait, such as diagnosis of breast cancer in one day. The modernisation of an existing building will be thought through architecturally to ensure that the conditions for care and treatment match up to Gustave Roussy standards.   

The development will be carried out over two years. A permanent team of Gustave Roussy experts, both administrative and care professionals, will be present on site and will be in charge of governance. This will ensure that the Gustave Roussy model is followed in terms of management and organisation of care and medical practice. There will be a genuine transfer of technology and communication of expertise in chemotherapy, radiotherapy, medical imaging and surgery including reconstructive surgery. This will be guaranteed by Gustave Roussy doctors with support from the expert Kuwaiti workforce. Initially, the specialties involved will be breast, gynaecology, digestive tract disease, haematology and dermatology, to be followed by urology, lung cancer and cancer of the head and neck.
Kuwaiti patients will be diagnosed and treated in situ. Patients with complex conditions, for which treatment will not be available at the satellite hospital, will continue to have access to care at Gustave Roussy in France.

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