Department Ambulatory Medicine

Head of department
Dr Mario Di Palma

+33 (0)1 42 11 61 38

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Department Ambulatory Medicine

Senior Staff of the Ambulatory Medicine Department

  • Dr Olivier MIR
    Head of Department
  • Dr Sami ANTOUN
    Head of Emergency Department
  • Suzanne AMMELLAGEL
    Manager for reception and care pathway for patients; in charge of configuration of pathways of care
  • Laurent FLORANCE
    Manager Reception
  • Marilène LACAZE
    Departmental Manager
  • Dominique SOUM
    Nurse Manager, Emergency Department
  • Françoise JACQUOT
    Nurse Manager, Outpatient Appointments
    Manager, Departmental Medical Secretaries
  • Manuella LOPES
    Executive Manager
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