Department Ambulatory Medicine

Head of department
Dr Mario Di Palma

+33 (0)1 42 11 61 38

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Department Ambulatory Medicine


The Gustave Roussy Ambulatory Medicine Department comprises three units: the Outpatient Unit, the Emergency Department and the Coordination of Outpatient Care (CSE) Unit.  

The Outpatient Unit

The Gustave Roussy Outpatient Unit consists of a centre for specimen sampling and seven outpatient consultation zones, each one covering the management of patients within various specialties:

  • Zone 1: thyroid disease, endocrinology, nuclear medicine, interventional radiology and brachytherapy.
  • Zone 2: medical outpatients (chest disease, urology, bone disease and sarcomas) and phase 1 clinical trials.
  • Zone 3: gynaecology and gastroenterology outpatients.
  • Zone 4: dermatology and haematology outpatients.
  • Zone 5: surgical and anaesthetic outpatients.
  • Zone 6: ENT and dental outpatients.
  • Zone 7: breast disease and breast imaging (mammography, ultrasound etc.).

A variety of types of visit is available according to the patient’s requirements and care pathway. This includes initial visits (including initial whole day visits), visits for discussion of the diagnosis and/or treatment and follow-up attendances, as well as radiotherapy, anaesthetic, surgery, oncogenetic and specialist nurse consultations.

The Department also has four theatres for « minor » day surgery and four meeting rooms.

The Emergency Department

This department receives the full spectrum of emergencies (medical and surgical) for patients managed at the Gustave Roussy Institute and guarantees twenty-four hour access.

The Coordination of Outpatient Care (CSE)

The CSE team is tasked with organising the return of patients with complex care requirements to their homes and enabling them to remain there. This is done by establishing links with primary care health professionals outside the Institute (family doctors, nurses in the private sector and dispensing pharmacists). Thus, by virtue of its network of health care professionals and service providers, this unit is able to coordinate the domiciliary care of patients throughout France. The CSE also liaises with Hospital at Home services (HAD).

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