Department Child and Adolescent Cancer

Head of department
Dr Dominique Valteau-Couanet

+33 (0)1 42 11 41 73

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Department Child and Adolescent Cancer

Senior staff of the department

  • Dr Dominique VALTEAU-COUANET,
    Head of the Departement of Child and Adolescent Cancer
  • Dr Jacques GRILL,
    Head of Day hospital
    Chair of Childhood Oncology Commitee
  • Dr Laurence BRUGIERES,
    Head of Unit « la Montagne »
  • Dr Nathalie GASPAR,
    Head of Programme « AJA » (Adolescents and Young Adults)
  • Dr Véronique MINARD-COLIN,
    Head of Unit « la Plaine »
  • Dr Christelle DUFOUR,
    Head of Unit « la Mer »
  • Dr Birgit GEOERGER,
    Paediatric Clinical Research
  • Pascale USUBELLI,
    Care manager
  • Catherine STEENMAN,
    Manager of Departmental Medical Secretaries
  • Miguel MAÏZ,
    Executive manager