Villejuif, May 25, 2016.

Gustave Roussy, leading comprehensive cancer center in Europe, at ASCO annual meeting

At this 52nd annual meeting of the world’s most important oncology conference, Gustave Roussy will confirm its leading role in the development of three therapeutic strategies that are changing practice and transforming patient treatment. Immunotherapy, which is extending its application to new conditions, and precision medicine are becoming routine therapeutic options. This 2016 meeting will also be noteworthy for throwing light on the optimisation of existing treatments, as reflected by the presentation in plenary session of childhood neuroblastoma treatment, for which Dr Dominique Valteau-Couannet, Head of the Gustave Roussy Paediatric Department, will be a discussant.

This year, Gustave Roussy medical researchers will be revealing their work in a total of 75 presentations. The ASCO Scientific Committee has selected 21 oral communications, 6 of which will be delivered by doctors from the Institute; 11 poster-discussions, 6 of which are to be presented by Gustave Roussy researchers; and 42 posters and 1 educational session authored by doctor researchers from the Institute. Gustave Roussy is the sponsor of four clinical trials, the results of which will be communicated during the conference.

ASCO 2016

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