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Training young doctors, pharmacists and engineers in oncology research.

Gustave Roussy, leading comprehensive cancer centre in Europe, is recruiting young talent

The cancer genome, targeted therapy, immunotherapy… A real revolution is under way in Oncology. " Be a part of the next change in oncology " is the title of the new international drive launched by Gustave Roussy (France) to recruit young doctors, pharmacists and engineers in France, Europe and the rest of the world. This campaign is aiming to attract the most talented individuals who have followed a dual course in Biology, so that Gustave Roussy can train them to take on the great challenges posed by the Oncology of the future.   

Supervised by Gustave Roussy’s specialised researchers, they will work on key topics in laboratories provided with the most advanced equipment. They will benefit from personalised support in relation to their career plans. Three-year research contracts to work with the Institute’s expert researchers lead to presentation of a doctoral thesis in Sciences.   
The application process is now open and the closing date is 15th February 2016. Candidates may apply directly on

Training at the highest level delivered in a context of continuous innovation.

The programme «Course of excellence in Oncology – Fondation Philanthropia» was established within the School of Cancer Sciences of the Paris-Sud/Paris-Saclay University College of Doctoral Schools. It is about to enlist its fourth year graduation of four research students to be trained in the Oncology of the future. Because it believes that progress in research is favoured by an approach to exchanges on an international scale, Gustave Roussy intends to recruit half of the candidates from outside France. All efforts will be made to achieve gender parity. The research work can be carried out under co-supervision, involving the candidate’s home research establishment and possibly collaboration with another international centre of excellence.  

The programme combines theory and practice and it runs for three years. The research work is carried out in one of Gustave Roussy’s laboratories and will be focussed in cutting-edge areas: DNA repair, molecular-driven medicine, radiobiology, onco-haematology, immunotherapy or molecular epidemiology. This high-grade, tailored training will be led by expert researchers with international reputations. The doctoral students will receive salary of a net monthly payment of around 2,300 Euros (including health insurance coverage) over the period of three years.    

Gustave Roussy is committed to its teaching mission, cornerstone of rapid dissemination of therapeutic advances and the continuing development of expertise.

Preparing tomorrow’s oncology now

Since Fondation Philanthropia started to finance the «Course of excellence in Oncology» in 2013, ten research students of high potential have taken up three-year contracts to work with leading researchers at Gustave Roussy. The Foundation has decided to continue this programme with four students starting from autumn 2016.

«Investing in training in oncology is an essential condition for continuing innovation» declares Professor Martin Schlumberger, Director of the School of Cancer Sciences, Professor at the Paris-Sud/Paris-Saclay University and Head of the Nuclear Medicine Department at Gustave Roussy, «we are training these young and outstandingly talented individuals to tackle cancer in a research environment which is constantly developing and is bubbling with novel ideas. Their work and their discoveries will define the context for the future».

Within Gustave Roussy, all the types of expertise necessary for developing cutting-edge cancer research are brought into play. They are based on the principle of integrated research which encompasses basic research, clinical research and translational research. It is the guarantee of continuity between research and care which favours diagnostic and therapeutic progress, as well as the efficient transfer of the fruits of progress to patients. By devoting almost 20% of its budget to research, Gustave Roussy clearly demonstrates its desire to sponsor research as the driver of progress for the benefit of patients.  

«The excellence of this oncology research centre, numbered amongst the best in the world, the completely bilingual environment and the ambitious nature of the research programmes in personalised medicine and immuno-oncology are what spurred me to apply» states Bertrand Routy, a young French Canadian doctor recruited in 2014, who is working with Professor Laurence Zitvogel on the role of gut microbiota in cancer.

Diary for « Course of excellence in Oncology – Fondation Philanthropia » 2016 Recruitment

Recruitment will proceed in several phases:

  • November 2015: on-line application opens and advertisement of the posts appears in major international scientific journals
  • 15th February 2016: closing date for applications
  • April 2016: candidate interviews and selection by the scientific committee of the four successful candidates

For further information on the recruitment process, the areas of research and the composition of the scientific committee :

Fondation Philanthropia supports Gustave Roussy in the battle against cancer

Fondation Philanthropia is one of Gustave Roussy’s biggest donors. In 2013 it undertook a four year commitment in a sum of 5.45 million Euros to support advances in personalised medicine at Gustave Roussy. Within this setting, since 2013, it has been financing ten research students over three years in the «Course of excellence in Oncology» programme at a total cost of 2 million Euros, and it has committed to continuing this programme from autumn 2016.
In 2014, Fondation Philanthropia also financed the acquisition for the Institute of the latest generation surgical robot, the Da Vinci Xi, by providing a sum of 2.785 million Euros.

«It is important for Fondation Philanthropia and its donors, that all aspects of their research encompass all aspects of the fight against cancer; through research, but also through the improvement in quality of patient care and by bringing up new talents through the ranks»
Thierry Lombard, President, Fondation Philanthropia.  

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