Imaging and Cytometry Platform (PFIC)

Head of platform
Dr. Corinne Laplace-Builhé
Tel: + 33 (0)1 42 11 66 72

Pavillon de recherche 2, 1st floor

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Imaging and Cytometry Platform (PFIC)

Instruments available on the PFIC:

  •  1 Mass cytometer ; Helios (Fluidigm)
  •  3 flow cytometers; Cyflow space (Sysmex) and C6 Accury , LSR-Fortessa (BD Biosciences)  
  •  4 cell sorters; ARIA III, ARIA Fusion-UV and 2 Influx,(one equipped with UV) (BD Biosciences)
  •  1 multiphoton  microscope; SP8 (Leica)
  •  3 confocal  microscopes; FV10i (Olympus), SPE and SP8  (Leica)
  •  2 Spinning disc microscopes (Yokogawa- Gataca Systems)
  •  1 fluorescence  macroscope; AZ100 (Nikon)
  •  1 small animal bioluminescence /fluorescence imager; IVIS 50 (PerkinElmer)
  •  1 small animal bioluminescence /fluorescence imager – CT scanner ; IVIS Spectrum (PerkinElmer)
  •  1 slide scanner; Provis 50 (Olympus) + cartography (Microvision)
  •  1 fluorescence  endomicroscope; Cellvizio (Maunakea)
  •  2 videomicroscopes; Fluorescence DMI8 (Leica) and Bright field DM 2500 (Leica)

A total of 20 machines, 70% of which are of latest generation, installed during the past 4 years.

Data handling: 

  • 4 self-service remote stations for off-line data processing. The following software packages provide a wide range of 2D to 5D handling options and batch quantification of images: IMARIS, VOLOCITY, ImageJ, Fidji, ICy, METAMORPH and ARIVIS.  LIVING IMAGES software is also available for quantification of bioluminescence and fluorescence data from the small animal imager.  
  • 2 self-service remote stations for cytometry data using the following software: Diva, FlowJo,  Kaluza, and Spade
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