UMR 8203

Laboratory for vectorology in anticancer therapy

Group leader
Dr Lluis Mir
Secretariat : + 33 (0)1 42 11 44 91

Pavillon de recherche 2, Level 1


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UMR 8203

Laboratory for vectorology in anticancer therapy

The role of this unit is to develop viral and non-viral vectors for anti-tumour gene therapy.
The viral systems are derivatives of type 5 human adenovirus. Non-viral vectors depend on plasmid DNA electrotransfer in muscle and the use of liposomes.
We are also trying to control the immune response which limits the expression of the therapeutic gene after gene transfer.  
Anti-tumour gene therapies are based on the expression of anti-angiogenic factors, the use of antisense oligonucleotides directed against oncogenes or the transfer of genes which facilitate metabolic radiotherapy using radioiodine.  
These novel therapies are evaluated in implanted tumours in a mouse model and the tumour and vascular status are analysed histologically and with Doppler ultrasound.  

The UMR 8203 comprises two groups 

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