Molecular Medicine in Oncology (MMO) Programme

Executive Director
Prof. Eric Solary

Head of department
Alexandre Bobard

Ritchelle Rateau

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Molecular Medicine in Oncology (MMO) Programme

Logo MMOThe "Molecular Medecine in Oncology" (MMO, IHU) programme is one of the four major 5-year framework programmes launched at Gustave Roussy in January 2013.

This is under the direction of Professor Eric Solary. It is central to the Institute’s development strategy, the principal aim of which is to become the leading European centre for the development of innovative treatments.
The MMO programme is funded over 5 years mainly by the National Research Agency (8 million euros); by Natixis to set up the research teams; and by commercial partners, so that the total package of finance is 11.5 million euros.

One of the principal tasks of the MMO is to recruit research teams to sustain Gustave Roussy’s innovative programmes.

Principal lines of research

  • Stem cells/iPS (induced pluripotent stem cells)
  • Immunotherapy of cancers
  • Personalised medicine (or molecular medicine)
  • Health Economics

Main themes

WP1: Long term survival and chronic disease

  • Establishment of iPS and stem cell techniques,
  • Immunotherapy of cancer, 
  • Establishment of a resource devoted to cell biology, 
  • Establishment of a bioinformatics resource.

WP2: Personalised Medicine

  • Development of new predictive biomarkers, 
  • Development of high throughput technology to investigate conditions which are difficult to treat,
  • Identification of epigenetic damage in cancers, under Professor E. Solary’s direction.

WP3: Social and economic impact of molecular medicine and of chronic cancer 

The aim is to optimise the quality of life of patients with cancer while simultaneously reducing costs and inequalities:

  • To improve the coordinated care pathway to achieve quality and efficiency, 
  • To evaluate the medical and economic impact of personalised medicine.

Participating research teams

  • "Cell death and senescence" team 
  • Collective Invasion and epithelial morphogenesis team 
  • Role of mRNA transduction in antigen presentation team 
  • Oncogenesis and tumour progression in melanoma team 

Three new teams have recently been established to strengthen the MMO programme

  • Endocytosis, cytoskeleton and cell migration team 
  • Repair of double-strand breaks and genome integrity team 

Normal and malignant haemopoietic stem cells: genetic and epigenetic control team  

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