Integrated biology

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Integrated biology

Integrated Biology platform

The Integrated Biology platform brings together the three OMICS technical units for a common purpose: to elucidate the dynamics of the regulatory networks of biological systems and how they are changed in cancer. The complexity of the mechanisms involved in carcinogenesis is such as to demand an integrated approach (and not a serial one) to the scientific data emanating from several fields of exploration or single technology investigations. 

To respond to this challenge and to ensure that it is internationally competitive, Gustave Roussy is developing integrative tools (bioinformation technology) and cutting-edge medium and high-throughput investigative methods. These latter techniques include, among others, sequencing, transcriptomics, CGH, microRNA and methylation to characterise abnormalities of the genome; and mass spectrometry, RMN and chromatography to study metabolites, proteins and lipids. They are also applied to explore correlations between the genome, proteome, metabolism and lipids.  

This integrated methodology constitutes an important approach to diagnostic and therapeutic innovation with the goal of achieving personalised treatment of patients suffering with cancer.
The Integrated Biology Department is composed of the following three technical units:

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