Preclinical Research Platform

Patrick Gonin

Pavillon de recherche 1, 1st floor

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Preclinical Research Platform


The role of this platform is to establish and evaluate preclinical models to help in understanding the molecular mechanisms leading to carcinogenesis and to develop innovative anti-cancer therapies. All this work is undertaken under the 3R requirements (replacement, reduction and refinement) and is authorised and validated by Ethics Committee No. 26, which is officially recognised by the Ministry for Research. All of this is conform to the European Directive 2010/63 UE and its transposition into French Law. Ethics Committee No. 26 is responsible for the Medical and Pharmacy Faculties of Paris-Sud University.


Pre-clinical cancer model housing (transplantation, genetic modifications) and genotyping.
Pre-clinical evaluation of models and therapies and phenotyping. 
Experimental Pathology : specific immunostaining, immunohistochemistry and conventional histology.
Embryology: embryo transfer, freezing of semen and embryos, under the aegis of Paris-Sud University.


  • University Diploma (Paris-Sud University). Training for personnel who will design experimental procedures and projects and supplementary training in surgery for staff working in units which are engaged in research involving animals.
  • Ad hoc technical training on request in the field of preclinical oncology.


Radiotherapy equipment to induce aplasia or for localised irradiation.

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