Research in Health Care Management and Services

Group Leader
Prof. Etienne Minvielle
+33 (0)1 42 11 49 89

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Research in Health Care Management and Services

Research in Health Care Management and Services

This team belongs to l'Ecole des Hautes Etudes de Santé Publique (EHESP)

Researches focus on issues related to management science applied to health care systems, and more specifically to the oncology field. For instance, the research teams invests the following areas : measurement of healthcare performance, new forms of payment (P40, bundled payment), quality of service, coordination of oncology pathways. As a multidisciplinary team, the MOS team develops an expertise in the area of metrology, economics, and other social sciences fields.
Our current projects are (exemples):

  • Compaqh (supported by the Ministry of Health and the HAS) : Development of validated Quality indicators and paying for quality (IFAQ)
  • Oncology pathway : projet CAPRI (ANR IHU MMO, et fondation Philanthropia Lombard-Odier)
  • Care customisation in oncology (ANR)

Development of an assessment tool of iatrogenic prescription (Iatrigger) (Fondation Philanthropia Lombard-Odier; Ministère de la santé- PREPS).

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