Translational Research Platform

Head of platform
Dr. Ludovic Lacroix

Tel. : +33 (0)1 42 11 56 30

Molecular Medecine Building

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Translational Research Platform

Translational Research Platform activities

Translational research is positioned at the interface between fundamental laboratory-based research and clinical research involving patients. Its objective is to improve treatment of cancer by rapidly transferring knowledge acquired through basic research into patient management and vice-versa.  

The department’s role is to employ its expertise to maintain the continuum between basic research and clinical research by ensuring that the most recently acquired scientific knowledge can be used as rapidly as possible to benefit patients. The Gustave Roussy Translational Research Laboratory (LRT) institutes collaborative projects between clinical and basic research groups. A large part of its work involves therapeutic trials and the Gustave Roussy Personalised Medicine programme. In addition, the laboratory groups participate in fundamental research projects and in work on technological innovation.    

The laboratory is composed of three technical sections devoted to technological innovation, the establishment of methods of laboratory testing in health and disease and to clinical research:

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