by Professor Alexander Eggermont

We want to embody progress and hope. Gustave Roussy’s goal is to be at the heart of every innovation that can deliver highly precise, latest generation therapy for every patient.

The extent of our commitment to change is striking: innovation is occurring on many fronts. It is scientific, technological and also organisational.


The importance of clinical research and its close connection with basic scientific and translational research are the fundamental elements required to make advances in treatment.

The integration of research and care is an essential part of Gustave Roussy. The Institute devotes all its efforts to prioritising a programme designed to develop new treatments for cancer.

Conducting clinical trials, together with advances in immunotherapy and molecular medicine used to its full potential make Gustave Roussy a motor of progress in oncology.

The desire to offer the best possible treatment to every patient in every situation is what drives the Institute’s strategic and operational choices in all spheres of its work.

Responding to the demands of personalised medicine and immunotherapy is how Gustave Roussy aims to become the leading European institution.

How are we going to do it?
Our Drug Development Department (DITEP) will expedite phase 1 and 2 trials and early trials.
We shall develop molecular biology so that it becomes routine.
The launch of a major programme in immunotherapy is a defined priority in the 2015-2020 Development project.

The latest technological advances will lead to better care protocols:

New radiotherapy machines; a new imaging theatre for interventional radiology; new PET scan apparatus; and proton therapy – planned for 2020 – in particular, for the treatment of childhood and adolescent cancer.

And there is more...

We will formalise care pathways to improve planning at every stage of treatment and to anticipate patient needs by a still more unified approach. Tools will be developed to screen for patient vulnerability and the need for support care.

We will improve end-of-life management of patients, who need palliative care, and use acute and intensive care resources to support the mobile team and the Day Hospital.

Advances in knowledge in personalised medicine are leading to the emergence of the role of risk assessment and tailored preventive management.

Gustave Roussy intends to participate actively in these developments.

In this year, 2015, we are setting up a pilot unit for targeted prevention to improve individuals’ knowledge of their own health.

Gustave Roussy is thus defining a renewed vision of the patient-hospital relationship.

We are embarking on a relatively new approach for a hospital, with innovative input at each key stage of the pathway for the patient and for those close to him or her. The intention is to respond to their preferences. Thus, we aim to offer the patient greater autonomy, a more sympathetic relationship, real interaction and recognition as an individual. All of this will be helped by the development of information technology; the web site, the provision of service apps, a future patient internet portal, electronic patient files, etc.

The digital revolution is under way

The development of information technology in all hospital activities will result in an improvement in performance, based on real-time and continuous access to information in ever-increasing amounts and relevance.

The analysis of the genome of cancer cells is now available within a few days from the time of obtaining a tumour biopsy. This is a technological breakthrough which provides doctors with a great quantity of information to be stored, analysed and shared - Big data health.


We shall attract and want to retain the best scientists and specialist doctors with a common ambition: to lead the institute to the summit of international oncology.

By 2020, in partnership with the Paris-Saclay University, Gustave Roussy will be a major University Hospital Centre equipped with the leading pre-clinical trial unit in Europe and a research centre completely integrated with the care facilities.

Cancer Campus and Grand Paris: uniting talents to innovate

Established by Gustave Roussy and a number of partners in the Val-de-Marne and Ile-de-France areas, Cancer Campus is developing a world class bio-cluster committed to innovation in oncology, so bringing together a group of research and training units of the highest quality. In 2011, Cancer Campus established an « enterprise zone – enterprise hotel » in Villejuif, to house new small companies specialising in biotechnology.

Gustave Roussy is also one of the landmark health sites in the Bièvre Scientific Valley and is contributing to the development of a « pilot health territory » by helping to form connections to the health needs of the local population.

Because of the high quality of its research and the very large number of patients it receives, Gustave Roussy acts as a magnet in terms of attracting scientific development in the Île-de-France and as an engine of growth in relation to the Grand Paris Company. A station on the Grand Paris Express line, the Grand Paris metro, will be located at the Institute’s entrance.

By 2020, Gustave Roussy will have established a new model of an integrated European Centre

That is to say, that as a result of its research motivation it will be a highly specialised centre endowed with high technology provision and deploying molecular medicine to benefit the greatest number. It will combine this advanced technology with a comprehensive approach to the patient and will take account of the latter’s preferences.

Beyond the high-level partnership networks built on academic research throughout the world, our international ambitions are also realised through the Cancer Core Europe network led by Gustave Roussy, which comprises 6 European Cancer Centres of excellence, sharing their discoveries through an e-hospital; as well as through the establishment of a Big Data Health organisation at an international level. This latter organises all patients’ clinical, laboratory, genomic and imaging findings.

Over the next five years, the Institute will export its model and its expertise across international borders. Its international contribution will be both a component of the spread of Gustave Roussy’s influence and a resource for its own development - Gustave Roussy reaches beyond frontiers.

More than ever, the future is with us today.