The slogan “Living the future today” emphasises Gustave Roussy’s ambition, at this key time for the great advances which are now with us.
This ambition creates a bridge connecting excellence, technology and treatment. It testifies to the importance of advanced and personalised medicine. It is imbued with the entrepreneurial spirit of Gustave Roussy.
It motivates researchers, patients, nurses, doctors, students and charitable donors and, via the Gustave Roussy brand, it communicates hope and real achievement to all.

Within what (r)evolution do we find ourselves?

A triple revolution!
Firstly, a technological one: we have to achieve excellence in research, medicine and advanced technology.
And then, a revolution in compassion and support services: the development of new care pathways, the need for empathy and comprehensive support, the obligation to listen and respond and the challenge to get ever closer to the goal of personalised medicine.
With managerial support helping to put these new ideas in place through investment underlined by strong and committed decision making.

Scientific, technological and compassionate innovation is nourishing the great hope of curing cancer in the 21st century

Why concentrate so much on the future and, therefore, on innovation?
This is because it is innovation which can combine scientific advances, technological progress, development of services and treatment of the individual. It is the great bearer of progress, hope and motivation. It is already with us. Our mission is to use every means to work to prolong life and combat disease.

Gustave Roussy is motivated by innovation and it acts within and communicates a system of core values: creativity, energy, sharing and compassion.

Living the future today, a promise?
All the different strands of Gustave Roussy, patients, doctors, researchers, nurses, charitable donors and sponsors, act as one to conquer cancer. Redoubling efforts in innovation will build for the future that everyone desires, to be ahead of our time already.

Who is participating in the future today?

The doctors who are developing as rapidly as possible therapies that are easy to tolerate and administer.
The teachers, who are communicating cutting-edge knowledge to the new generation on an international scale.
The nurses, who are applying these advances to patients on a day-to-day basis.
The researchers who invent the agents and the treatments which will change the terrain.
The patients, who hope to conquer disease and look to the future.
Donors, who contribute financially to improvements in life and in the quality of life and who soon see a donation’s effectiveness in a tangible way.