Digital communication is based on technological invention. This is the way to develop a culture of information transfer and relationships based on familiarity. Communicating with patients in every way no longer has any bounds,” declares Christine Lascombe, Gustave Roussy Director of Communication.

Having access to on-line educational videos about therapy, downloading patient information from a library accessible to all or having a website devoted to a type of cancer; all of these contribute to a social network of mutual aid. Using social networks to share the experience of having a disease with others is now with us. And next? That will be using apps to understand how the Institute is organised, preparing for an outpatient visit, finding out about one’s care pathway and following appointments online. It will involve referring to portable computer tablets in waiting rooms, finding one’s way about in the hospital by geolocation, gaining access to cultural material online while having treatment...


as already reflected in the new website created and developed by Gustave Roussy.

What were the objectives of the new website?

This was to create a new website, above all for patients, but also for the general public and our range of more specialised audiences (doctors, researchers, students etc.) who need to remain in contact with Gustave Roussy. We are registering more than 100,000 visits per month.

We had to rethink the content, the videos, the presentation and methods of navigation and also the use of and access from tablets and smartphones.

The structure of this new site was worked on in collaboration with our patients who tested it at various stages. This was valuable in designing the specification so as to facilitate access to information. The site also links dynamically to social networks – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Novel facilities for patients

This new site helps to achieve better patient care both in the hospital and at home. While Gustave Roussy is defining a renewed vision of the patient-hospital relationship, so the website is contributing to this. We are developing access to personalised care pathways, to à la carte services and to the latest information on types of cancer, services and treatments.
It offers online facilities: appointments, requests for second medical opinions, online payment of costs…
And also, access to sharing networks and patient communities which can offer comprehensive support to patients.

The site explains the elements which will be in play in the future, such as molecular medicine, and immunotherapy… But also all the technology associated with molecular biology, interventional radiology and robotic surgery… A whole world of innovation for the general public to appreciate better.

It also houses all the necessary information on fundraising and donations, helping everyone to contribute financially to advances and innovation in the battle against cancer.

Encouraging dialogue and openness

We are, in particular, fostering dialogue as part of the great wave of advances in the battle against cancer. The website gives access for all to our 2015-2020 Hospital Plan, which emphasises this current great period of innovation and helps it to be better understood. We are indeed opening up. For us, innovation must be shared, we want to involve the general public; the medical, scientific and institutional communities; and French-speaking and international students.
Informing them about current and future scientific and therapeutic advances and technological and organisational breakthroughs and to share our passion for the life sciences. Thus, to extend our audience, the site is multilingual: French, English and soon to be in Arabic as well..

In summary, it is a unique and integrated website presenting all of Gustave Roussy’s strands. It carries the mission and the raison d’être of the Gustave Roussy name with its values of excellence wedded to compassion. Living the future today is to carry through a triple revolution in medicine, technology and services.