Adolescents and Young Adults

Dr Nathalie Gaspar

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Adolescents and Young Adults

Programme of education about therapy for AYA

AGORA* is designed to help patients adapt to their illness and its treatment, so encouraging independence in their approach to improving their quality of life.    

This programme is conducted at the hospital, created and led by a multi-disciplinary, non-hierarchical team (2 leaders per session) in the form of themed workshops or individual consultations focussing on the principal disease-related problems arising during and after treatment (nutrition, pain, sexuality, fatigue, body image, understanding of the disease and its treatment and addiction).  

In parallel with this, educational workshops are provided for patients with a more creative and game-orientated approach. They are led by the specialised educator and one other professional (from Gustave Roussy or outside). These workshops are times for meeting and communication between peers (time which is particularly necessary in this age group and during hospital admission). Various approaches are available, which means that they can be adapted to suit each individual’s special interests and the dynamic of the group (Wii workshop, djembé drums and percussion, computer-assisted music, poetry slams, cookery evenings, etc.).

* AGORA programme of education about therapy


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