Patient rights

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Patient rights


Patients are first and foremost citizens and, as such, possess rights. These protect and ensure their autonomy and respect of their individual freedoms and dignity within the hospital. Communication with patients plays a fundamental role in their management and allows them to participate fully in decisions about their treatment.    

The patient contributes to decisions which impinge on his/her health, whether this concerns prevention, diagnosis or medical procedures. For further information on your rights, do not hesitate to question the medical or health-care team, as well as the Gustave Roussy Patient Committee.

Inpatient charter

The objective of the inpatient charter is to inform ill people admitted to hospital about their basic rights according to the law and, in particular the Act of 4th March 2002 in relation to patient rights and the quality of the health system.  
The general principles translated into English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese and the unabridged inpatient charter are available on request from the staff at the main reception desk, and can be downloaded from the Ministry of Health web site.


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