Supportive Care

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Supportive Care

Treatment and care

In addition to specific cancer treatments, care referred to as supportive is advocated to ensure that Gustave Roussy patients receive an overall management and the best possible quality of life possible.

The quality of life of patients can be changed not only by their illness, but also by secondary effects and as a result of treatment sequellae. This is why at Gustave Roussy, supportive care is an integral part of management from the onset of treatment and sometimes long after it has ended. It focuses particularly on:

  • psycho-oncology (consultations for the patient and his/her family circle, individually or in groups)
  • the control of pain
  • massage physiotherapy
  • palliative care
  • nutritional follow-up
  • drug dependency (management of poisoning and dependency)
  • speech therapy

Living better with Cancer

But beyond this imperative supportive care, Gustave Roussy also proposes a number of non-conventional healthcare initiatives and activities which contribute far more to the improvement in well being of our hospitalised patients. This forms part of the Living Better programme, with the collaboration of various associations.

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