Gastrointestinal cancers

Prof. Michel Ducreux

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Gastrointestinal cancers

Treatment of gastrointestinal cancers

The Gustave Roussy Digestive Diseases Committee is responsible for the management of patients with tumours of the gastrointestinal tract and associated organs:  

The team also treats patients with rare abdominal tumours, such as endocrine tumours of the digestive tract. In this situation it collaborates with the Endocrine Tumours Committee. Patients with family risk factors for gastrointestinal cancer can also be seen in outpatients for specific genetic advice in this area.

Treatment for gastrointestinal cancer is carried out at the Institute: surgical operations (gastrointestinal tract surgery and surgery of the liver and peritoneum), radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, etc.

Multidisciplinary consultation

The Digestive Diseases Committee works closely with the imaging and interventional radiology departments, to try to avoid radical surgery by employing radiofrequency ablation and chemo-embolisation techniques.

A multidisciplinary gastrointestinal disease consultative committee meets weekly. This brings together the Gustave Roussy medical and surgical teams together with its radiologists and pathologists.

In view of the large number of patients seen with gastrointestinal disease and its leading role in this field over many years, the Digestive Diseases Committee conducts numerous programmes of clinical and translational research.


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