• Gustave Roussy among the top 5 best cancer hospitals in the world

  • ASCO Annual Meeting 2021

    Find out Gustave Roussy's main presentations at ASCO Virtual Meeting 2021.
  • Inventing the future today

    Leading edge research to hasten major discoveries
  • Clinical trials integrated into care

    30% of patients included in a clinical trial at Gustave Roussy
  • The great momentum of innovation

    Innovations change the approach to the disease and prolong life. They are going to change all the parameters of treatment of cancer.
  • An integrated research

    By bringing research and care together, Gustave Roussy implements therapeutic innovation.
  • Specialised platforms

    Gustave Roussy has eight technological platforms available to investigators

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ADN repair,
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Gustave Roussy : Europe's leading comprehensive cancer centre


Gustave Roussy
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