Gustave Roussy's medical-scientific programmes

As part of its "Gustave Roussy 2030" strategic plan, the Institute has identified ten flagship programmes aimed at specifically transforming cancer care through research. These programmes are based on the clinical, translational and fundamental research activities carried out by the Gustave Roussy teams.
These medical-scientific programmes focus on exploratory research that has already generated well-founded hypotheses involving large patient cohorts, sample profiling using high-throughput platforms and mathematical analysis of the vast amount of profiling data.
They cover:
  • Pre-Cancer | Intercept Programme
  • After Cancer | Interval Programme
  • Cancer Modelling | PRISM Programme
  • Immunology | GRIP Programme
  • Microbiota | Clinicobiome Programme
  • Resistance to Treatment | Unlock Programme
  • Childhood Cancer | Crescendo Programme
  • Mechanisms of Action of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products | Innocare Programme
  • Artificial Intelligence | Data Science Programme
  • Local Treatments for Metastatic Disease | Loca-Mets Programme
  • Clinical trials | Real-Life Trials in Oncology Programme
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