Breast cancer

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Breast cancer

Treatment of breast cancer

The Gustave Roussy Breast Disease Committee is responsible for the management of patients (of both sexes) with benign or malignant breast disease. Some have not had a diagnosis made privately outside the Institute and come both to obtain a diagnosis and to receive treatment. Others do already have a diagnosis and are taken on to be treated.  

The Gustave Roussy Breast Disease Committee is also involved in:

  • the diagnosis of suspicious breast abnormalities detected on private screening;
  • comprehensive management of breast cancer: surgery, reconstructive surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted therapies, post-therapy follow-up and supportive care;
  • the management of women at high risk of developing breast cancer: screening and prevention;
  • the management of certain specific benign conditions

More than 10,000 female and male patients are looked after each year by the Breast Disease Committee. 2,000 of these are new patients.  

One day diagnosis

The Institute has pioneered "one day diagnosis". Since 2004 it has provided a service designed to establish a diagnosis in one day for the majority of patients, in whom a breast abnormality has been detected by a private doctor. More than 15,000 women have already used this provision. This multidisciplinary service depends on health professionals from a variety of specialties, all of them with an interest in breast disease (radiologists, surgeons, pathologists, oncologists, nurses, technicians, etc.).      

In 90% of cases where the abnormality is a breast mass (swelling or nodule), we are able to provide a precise diagnosis within a single day. If microcalcifications are the presenting feature, a few days are required.

The women (or men) in whom a diagnosis of cancer has already been made and who come for initial treatment can also be provided with a one day therapy service.

Multidisciplinary meetings

At Gustave Roussy, decisions on treatment are made at multidisciplinary consultative meetings (RCP), which bring together a number of professionals from various disciplines: radiologists, pathologists, surgeons, medical oncologists, radiotherapists/oncologists, nurses psychologists, etc. working in close collaboration with private practitioners from outside the Institute.   

These members of the committee consider the investigation results and decide on the treatment which is most appropriate for each type of cancer and for each individual patient. A consultant physician then explains the decisions of the committee to the patient and the patient’s family.

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