Sarcoma and complex tumour

Dr Charles Honoré

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Sarcoma and complex tumour

Treatment of sarcomas and complex tumours

Gustave Roussy treats patients with soft tissue and bone sarcomas, desmoid tumours, gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GIST) and other complex tumours (chordomas and PEComas).
Sarcomas are tumours which arise in connective tissue (mesenchyme). There are a number of types of mesenchymal tumours whose consequences and severity vary greatly depending on:

  • their location,
  • their degree of invasiveness: tumours may be malignant (cancerous) and can be classified according to their invasiveness, or benign (non-cancerous), some of which may develop into malignant tumours
  • their nature (type of cells of which the tumour is composed) and their genetic characteristics (presence or absence of specific remodelling of the genetic material)

Gustave Roussy, expert centre for sarcoma

Gustave Roussy is the sole coordinating centre in the Ile-de-France for NetSarc, the French network of sarcoma referral centres endorsed by the National Institute of Cancer.   

The therapeutic strategy suggested to the patient is established via a consultative process between specialists from different disciplines (surgery, radiotherapy, oncology, imaging and pathology) and it always takes into account the unique nature of each patient.

Some treatments, in particular surgery of bony or thoracic tumours, are performed in other hospital centres, with which Gustave Roussy works closely: the Kremlin Bicêtre University Hospital Centre and the Marie Lannelongue Surgical Centre (Le Plessis-Robinson - 92).

Specific management of young adults with sarcoma is provided at Gustave Roussy with strong links to the Department of Paediatrics.

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