Lung cancer

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Lung cancer

Treatment of lung cancer

The Gustave Roussy Chest Diseases Committee is responsible for the management of patients with chest problems:

  • Adult bronchial carcinoma (non-small cell carcinoma and small cell carcinoma)
  • Pleural tumours (mesotheliomas and others)
  • Mediastinal tumours (thymomas and others)
  • Metastases to lung and pleura requiring local treatment (collaborative management involving the committee corresponding to the site of the patient’s primary tumour)

The committee possesses special skills in the multidisciplinary management of thymomas and carcinomas of the thymus: Gustave Roussy is the coordinating hospital for RYTHMIC, the national network of hospitals specialised in thymus tumours. These units are endorsed by the National Institute of Cancer. Specific multidisciplinary consultative meetings are organised to determine optimal management of these tumours.  

The Institute of Thoracic Oncology

Treatment protocols for lung cancer are carried through in close collaboration with neighbouring medical and surgical units. These are responsible for some diagnostic and surgical measures.

Gustave Roussy works, in particular, with the medical and surgical teams at the Marie-Lannelongue Hospital. This is in the context of the Thoracic Oncology Institute (IOT), a horizontal structure linking both hospitals. There are weekly multidisciplinary chest disease consultative meetings attended by medical staff from Gustave Roussy and the Marie-Lannelongue Hospital team.
Thoracic surgery is not performed at Gustave Roussy. The committee works in the main with the Marie-Lannelongue Hospital.

Clinical Research

A number of doctors from the Committee are involved in national and/or international phase III clinical trials. These are developing “standard” treatment regimens for lung cancer. Some of our doctors also took part in the working groups coordinated by Unicancer to establish SOR (Standards, Options and Recommendations) guidelines.


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