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Oncogenetics consultation

In a single family, an unusual number of cancers and/or diagnoses at an early age may suggest a genetic predisposition. Such predispositions are thought to play a major role in some 5% of adult cancer and in certain childhood tumours.
Genetic analysis may identify the causative abnormality and whether family members are or are not carriers. Thus, appropriate preventive and monitoring measures can be put in place.

The Gustave Roussy Genetics Committee consists of professionals from a variety of specialties: oncogeneticists, oncologists, surgeons, laboratory scientists, psychologists, genetic counsellors, gynaecologists, gastroenterologists and radiologists. The committee is responsible for the organisation of general oncogenetic clinics (adult and child) with the goal of identifying genetic predispositions, especially for cancers of the breast and ovary, digestive tract cancers and endocrine cancer. It also makes recommendations for management, some of which can be carried forward at Gustave Roussy.

The team works closely with the other Gustave Roussy organ-specific committees and forms a part of the networks of units managing individuals at risk of cancer:

  • the FAR network, with the Institut Curie, for breast cancer
  • the Ile de France Network for Predisposition to Tumours of the Digestive Tract (Pred-IdF), with a number of the Paris Public Hospitals and the Institut Curie.


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