Department Clinical Pharmacy

Head of department
Dr André Rieutord

+33 (0)1 42 11 48 07

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Department Clinical Pharmacy


The Department of Clinical Pharmacy is led by André RIEUTORD and is divided into 3 sectors :

  • Chemotherapy, control, preparatory and radiopharmacy sector, managed by Hail ABOUDAGGA
  • Manufacturing and experimental drug delivery sector, managed by Steve SUZZONI
  • Clinical pharmacy sector, managed by Amélie GAUDIN


The Department of Clinical Pharmacy provides :

  • supply and dispensing of healthcare products (drugs and medical devices) for hospitalised and/or ambulatory patients
  • pharmaceutical care in partnership with other healthcare professionals and the patient/caregiver
  • manufacturing and pharmaceutical control of chemotherapies for marketed and investigational drugs and radiopharmaceutical products
  • lavage and decontamination of reusable medical device equipment

The department occupies a total of 110 people.

Our strategic project

Our target project for Gustave Roussy's clinical pharmacy department is the new high-tech and human pharmacy - "high-tech" means researching and integrating all the progress and innovations to transform our activities, "human" means developing and strengthening the fulfilment of all our employees while integrating the patient-partner approach.

Our Strategical project includes 5 main axis that match the 3 pillars of Gustave Roussy vision for 203.0

The implementation framework of our Pharmacy’s project is declined as follow :

  • In 2021 – Securing of all processes and development of pharmaceutical care
  • In 2022 - Reinforcement of pharmaceutical care and continuous professional development of all employees
  • In 2023 – Academic link and promotion of research and departmental partnerships
  • In 2024 - Implementation of the new pharmacy with suitable premises