Department Clinical Pharmacy

Head of department
Dr André Rieutord

+33 (0)1 42 11 48 07

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Department Clinical Pharmacy


The Department of Clinical Pharmacy is responsible for management of all pharmacy functions at Gustave Roussy. It supervises the issuing of drugs, their appropriate use and the therapeutic pathway of drugs and sterile medical devices.

The work is distributed over six functional units:

  • The Drugs UF and the Medical Devices and Traceability UF are responsible for ordering and cost management and ensure adherence to norms for the use of the range of pharmaceutical agents.  
  • The Medical Devices and Traceability UF manages stocks of sterile and non-sterile hospital medical devices as well as the traceability of implantable medical devices and blood derivatives. This Unit contributes actively to maintenance of the quality and safety of the circuits followed by medical devices (management of incidents resulting from use, management of the centralised endoscope disinfection unit and monitoring of the external sterilisation service).  
  • Central Preparation of Chemotherapy UF which deals with all the chemotherapy and is responsible for the safety and quality of the drug pathway.
  • Clinical trials and returns UF is responsible for the pharmaceutical contribution to clinical trials, the management and traceability of drugs authorised for temporary use (ATU) and returns of medication.
  • SiPAM-Pharmacotechnie UF is a pharmacological testing resource which was set up in 2009 to respond to the issues generated by personalised medicine.  
  • Radiopharmacy UF manages the traceability (orders, preparation, distribution and disposal) of the radiopharmaceutical preparations employed in the Nuclear Medicine and Endocrine Oncology Departments.