Reception of parents

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Reception of parents

Possible accommodation during the admission

Some treatments can be carried out without admitting the patient. They are then conducted on an outpatient basis, either in the Day Hospital or by a Hospital at Home arrangement. However, some treatments require conventional admission, which sometimes involves finding accommodation for the parents.  

A Paediatric ward clerk can answer your queries.
You will be informed of solutions which are suited to the patient’s situation.

Parents’ Hotel

This is located within the department and consists of 5 double rooms. These can accommodate parents according to availability and the admission criteria. Patients may not stay there. For safety reasons, it is not available for minors even when accompanied.

The Parents’ Ronald McDonald House  

This is located 100 m from Gustave Roussy and welcomes families of patients being treated in the department.
Patients receiving ambulatory care may use this accommodation if accompanied by a parent.

The Hospital Campanile Hotel and the Bellagio Residence

These are located on the Gustave Roussy campus and, in addition to offering standard hotel facilities, they welcome patients fulfilling certain medical and administrative criteria during their period of treatment.   

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