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Benjamin Besse

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Clinical Research

A research with strong societal impact integrated with care

Research at Gustave Roussy meets society's needs related to cancer. It is integrated into care because it is in the context of care that the data on which the research is based are collected from patients, and it is for the care of patients that the results of the research are used. 

The intimate integration of research and medicine is the basis for patient-oriented translational research. Each program brings together clinical studies, investigations on highly sophisticated biological and imaging technology platforms, a system for collecting, structuring and analyzing data, and experimental studies to resolve basic science questions. 

The cross-fertilization between scientists and physicians takes shape in ten medical-scientific programs, which are Gustave Roussy's research priorities:

  • Interception, for the screening and early diagnosis of cancers;
  • INTERVAL, focused on quality of life during treatment and after cancer;
  • Crescendo, dedicated to childhood and adolescent cancers;
  • PRISM, to model each patient's disease; 
  • UNLOCK, to understand the mechanisms of resistance to treatment;
  • IMMUNO, to introduce personalized immunotherapies;
  • INNOCARE, to understand the mechanisms of action and improve the effectiveness of new therapeutic molecules;
  • Local treatments, an integrated program to invent the radiotherapy of tomorrow;
  • ClinocoBiome, to understand and control the impact of microbiota on cancers and cancer treatments;
  • DATA SCIENCE, to become the reference center for the analysis of massive data in oncology;
  • Real-Life Trials in Oncology Programme.

Clinical research is conducted by Gustave Roussy's committees and departments. It uses technological platforms and platforms specially designed to facilitate the conduct of clinical trials. 

The proportion of patients followed at Gustave Roussy who participate in clinical trials exceeds one in five. Their participation in research gives them access to new therapies or innovative strategies in early trials, or to therapies particularly adapted to their case in the context of precision medicine. 

The ambition of clinical research at Gustave Roussy is to optimize performances and to develop capacities to carry out large-scale academic trials with high added value, possibly with a view to registration, both nationally and internationally. Gustave Roussy also intends to consolidate its position as a preferred platform for industrial trials and as a partner for innovative biotechnology companies. 

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