Clinical Research

Director of Clinical Research
Fabrice Barlesi

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Clinical Research

Guaranteeing a continuum between research and care

Gustave Roussy brings together the skills which are required to carry out high quality research in oncology. This integrates fundamental, clinical and translational research, so ensuring that the continuum between research and care leads to new therapies and advances in diagnosis for patients.    

Clinical research carried out at Gustave Roussy covers research in diagnostic techniques, in therapy, in psycho-oncology, sociology, health economics and any research involving patients.  

Responsibility for its five programmes is divided between the Institute’s committees and departments:  

  • The development of new anti-cancer agents and bio-markers of their effectiveness, which depends on high quality basic research 
  • The development of immunological cancer therapy
  • To test treatments which employ targeting by a biological approach or by imaging  
  • To assess the psychosocial and health economics effects of innovation, and novel methods of managing patients and those close to them
  • To develop new technology to improve local and regional treatment methods  

The Clinical Research Division

The Clinical Research Division (DRC) is managed by the Clinical Research Committee and is concerned with:

  • the Gustave Roussy clinical research strategy
  • industrial and academic partnerships which can strengthen this
  • improvement of standards and performance
  • sponsorship of scientific projects and promotion of Gustave Roussy in the European context 
  • the relationships between the clinical research teams and the technical units associated with the Clinical Research Division.

Designated as a DRCI (Unit for Clinical Research and Innovation) by the Ministère de la Santé (Ministry of Health), the DRC has the following objectives:

  • sponsorship (organisation, administration, management, control and technical regulatory support of clinical trials) 
  • methodological support, data management and biostatistics (help with written material, design of clinical trials and management of data bases)
  • organisational support in preparation of projects and submission of grants applications

The Gustave Roussy DRCI is a member of the GIRCI Ile-de-France (Inter-Regional Group for Clinical Research and Innovation) which is charged with training of and communication with clinical research professionals and with support for responses within European call for proposals.


To fulfil these roles, the DRC depends on the following multidisciplinary committees, clinical departments and technical medical units as well as its own resources:

  • the Department for Sponsorship of Clinical Studies (SPEC) which deals with submissions to regulatory bodies, logistics, coordination, monitoring and financing of clinical studies sponsored by Gustave Roussy ;
  • the Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology (SBE)   which advises on trial methodology, data management and their analysis and the publication of trial results. It is also developing research methods and statistics in the field of genomics, in early trials and in meta-analyses;
  • the Clinical Research Operations Department (SORC), designated CRC (Centre for Clinical Research) by the Ministry of Health. This deals with operational management of all studies, those initiated by the Institute itself and those emanating from commercial companies   
  • the Functional Pharmacovigilance Unit (UFPV) which manages pharmacovigilance in all Gustave Roussy promoted trials and is developing a programme of research in pharmacovigilance 
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