In-patient hospitalisation

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In-patient hospitalisation

Your admission

Unless you are given alternative instructions, please go to central reception as soon as you arrive in order to obtain a form which allows you to move around the hospital. The reception staff will direct you to the admissions office.       

If you are unable to carry out the formalities yourself (mobility problems), the ambulance driver or one of your relatives or friends can do this for you. You may arrange with this department that the fact that you are at Gustave Roussy is not divulged. If you are salaried, we remind you that you should send your employer a certificate of hospital admission (health status document) within forty-eight hours. Ask for this at the time when you are admitted.   

Private room

If you want a private room, please ask for this when your admission is being scheduled. Whether you can have one will depend on your state of health and availability at the time. It cannot be guaranteed. If a private room is assigned at your request, you will be charged a supplement (price available at the administrative facilities unit), unless you enjoy cover by your supplementary insurance body.  

Individuals to be informed

At the time of your admission, please give the telephone numbers of the individual(s) to be informed if a change in your state of health occurs, so that they may be told immediately at whatever time of the day or night.  

Trusted person: You can also freely choose an individual from amongst your relatives or friends to act as one whom you trust fully to help you through the period of care and with the decisions that need to be taken.  

Your packing

Please bring your personal effects (nightclothes, underwear, etc.) in a case with your name on it, and your toilet articles in a toilet bag.  

If you are well enough, you will be able to move about within the hospital. You should, therefore, bring some casual clothes to wear during the day.

Please limit the number of your cases: despite all staff taking care, your possessions are at risk of being lost at times when you are moved between different departments.  

Your personal effects

Gustave Roussy does not take any responsibility for loss, damage or theft of your personal effects and valuables.


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