Safety of administered health-care

The quality and safety of care are a priority at Gustave Roussy.

Medical advances over the last 20 years have brought major innovations in technology, drugs, surgery, etc.

These advances, as with any medical practice, always carry a risk.  

That is why, whenever diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are carried out during your care, the health-care professionals always have in mind the benefits that they may bring you but also the risks they carry and the side effects which might follow.

A medical procedure will only be offered to you if the expected benefit is greater than the risk you run.  

The purpose of health monitoring organisations is to improve the safety of care involving the use of health products: drugs, blood products, medical devices, materials, cells, transplants, etc.
In order to maintain a high level of safety of care, Gustave Roussy is so organised as to ensure that there is monitoring of adverse effects and incidents related to their use, with the intention of minimising risk (translator: this sentence is not coherent because it does not specify what “their use” refers to: presumably the list of health products given in the previous sentence).
Improvements in health care safety are based on the notification of incidents and adverse effects related to the care. The purpose of such notifications is to improve your safety and that of the community, with no individual health professional being subject to a disciplinary procedure.

Everyone: health professionals, patients and those close to them should contribute to this.
We invite you to point out to the staff who are looking after you any incident related to administration of a treatment or performance of a test. Any adverse event can thus be recorded, notified, analysed and dealt with. Appropriate preventive measures will be taken for you and to guard against the occurrence of similar incidents in other patients.


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