Care at home (domiciled in France)

Coordination of Outpatient Care
+33 (0)1 42 11 63 95
1st floor, room 704


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Care at home (domiciled in France)

Coordination of Outpatient Care

  • If your state of health requires continuation of complex treatment and/or medical equipment at home, the Department for Coordination of Outpatient Care (CSE) will, in collaboration with the treatment units, use its specialist knowledge, to arrange for your treatment to be carried out where you are residing.
  • The CSE can be contacted by the treatment team or by yourself and those close to you. It will then arrange management according to your situation, involving private health-care professionals, service providers, care networks or hospital at home services (HAD).
  • The CSE coordinates care throughout France and can also arrange for it where you are holidaying or at weekends.

Our partners

Santé Service (Health Service)

This is the largest hospital at home organisation in the Ile-de-France region and is on-site at Gustave Roussy. If you live in the Paris Region, it will come to see you directly on request from the CSE.

ONCO Ouest (Onco West)

Onco 94 is an oncology network linking private and hospital practice in the Val-de-Marne area. This association was established to coordinate treatment of patients with cancer in order to help them stay at home while maintaining the quality and continuity of care. Your introduction to the network may be effected through Gustave Roussy or on your own initiative.

Contacts: +33 (0)1 46 63 00 33


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