International patients - Appointment

If you want to request an appointment with our institute, please follow these steps:

1. Discuss with your referring physician about your request and ask him to make the summary of the pathology, a diagnostic report is required.

2. Gather the most recent typed medical records in English or French (if applicable):

  • Copy of Identity card /passport, without identity documents, the second opinion can’t be performed.
  • Recent medical report diagnostic (summary of the pathology, history, treatment undergone and current condition)
  • Pertinent Surgical Reports
  • Pertinent Hospital Discharge Summaries
  • Current Medications and Dosage Information (indicate on medical history questionnaire)
  • Radiology images and corresponding reports
  • Imaging examinations (MRI SCAN, CT Scan, PT Scan...) and the corresponding reports
  • Blood test results
  • Endoscopy and biopsy records (Pathology specimen slides/blocks are required for some medical specialties)

3. Download and complete this Medical History Questionnaire

4. Send the complete applicable medical records with the medical Questionnaire by email:

After pathology commitee's discussion, an answer will be sent to you and an estimated cost.

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