Department Radiotherapy

Head of Department
Prof. Eric Deutsch

+33 (0)1 42 11 49 31

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Department Radiotherapy


The Radiotherapy Department is responsible for irradiation treatment of Gustave Roussy patients but also for patients specially referred from other hospitals for this type of treatment, in particular in the context of the care network.     
It fulfils the triple function of patient care, teaching and research, in addition to training in the various professional roles of staff in a radiotherapy department.  
It is fully equipped from a technical perspective and able to deliver the majority of radiotherapy treatments which are now available. It administers some 4,000 treatments annually thanks to its 150-strong team: medical oncologists and radiotherapists, physicists and dosimetrists, professionals allied to medicine, and administrative teams.

Teaching activity

Medical students receive teaching early in their training (clinical students), as do hospital interns who are embarking on the specialty. This teaching function is incorporated in the Paris-Sud University Faculty of Medicine.      
The Department is staffed by joint academic/hospital medical personnel, university professors and trainee specialists (specialist registrar grade).  
The majority of the doctors in the department are involved in teaching.   
The Radiotherapy Department leads certain teaching programmes specific to Radiotherapy at Paris-Sud University (Masters and DU).   

Principal research areas

The Department has a radiobiology laboratory which is engaged in substantial work on the transfer of knowledge from fundamental research to clinical research.
Many research scientists, doctors, interns and trainee specialists have acquired their Masters qualification and produced their University theses from the Laboratory of Biological Science Applied to Radiotherapy (UMR1030 – Molecular Radiotherapy).

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