Strategic Plan 2030

Towards ultra-individualisation in oncology
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Strategic Plan 2030

Strategic Plan 2030

Gustave Roussy moves towards ultra-individualisation and anticipation in oncology

Loyal to its pioneering past, Europe's leading anti-cancer institute is launching a new strategic plan and joining forces to offer cancer patients a new future.

With a 100-year history steeped in research and a successful multidisciplinary approach, Gustave Roussy is looking ahead to 2030, launching an ambitious, innovative plan that harnesses the energy and determination of all its teams.

This operational roadmap responds to the challenge of transforming the vision of cancer into a disease that will soon no longer generate fear. In order to map out a new future and give hope to all cancer patients and to society as a whole, Gustave Roussy is restructuring how it supports and cares for patients, exploring new avenues of research and collaboration along the way.

Based on three distinct avenues, this new strategic plan seeks to revolutionise the scientific, medical, technological and societal approach to oncology based on ultra-individualisation.
To achieve this visionary goal for patients, Gustave Roussy is initiating future prevention and defining new, tailor-made treatment pathways to meet all needs, at every stage of the disease.

Broadening the scope of its expertise, the institute is entirely rethinking all of its research activities and the synergy of stakeholders, disciplines and talents to transform treatments and increase the chances of finding a cure for cancer.

Founder of the 3.0 hospital of today and tomorrow, Europe's leading oncology institute is revamping its development model based on an agile approach that promotes well-being and extends progress to benefit as many individuals as possible.

Preventing and treating differently to defy prognosis and offer each cancer patient a future

prise en charge du cancer

An entirely different prevent and treat strategy focusing on a swifter, earlier, more individualised approach to defy prognosis and offer a future to each patient - adults and children alike – regardless of the stage of the disease, and covering life before and after cancer.

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Bringing the best that science has to offer to promote research with a rapid impact

une recherche plus inductive

To bring together the best that science has to offer and to closely connect medical, scientific and industrial experts in a bid to promote rapid research that impacts society by mobilising data, cutting-edge technologies and a culture of curiosity, persistence and openness.

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Making Gustave Roussy a smart hospital, the HQ of European cancer research

Smart Hospital

To make Gustave Roussy a smart hospital HQ for European oncology in response to the organisational and structural challenges posed by reinvented pathways in a high-performance ecosystem, while restoring meaning to our professions at the same time.

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