Strategic Plan 2030

Towards ultra-individualisation in oncology
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Strategic Plan 2030

Strategic Plan 2030

A massive investment plan

To make Gustave Roussy a smart hospital HQ for European oncology in response to the organisational and structural challenges posed by reinvented pathways in a high-performance ecosystem, while restoring meaning to our professions at the same time.
In order to adapt the organisation in line with the realities of everyday life and the needs of 21st century society, Gustave Roussy has to be remodelled to create a unique location where it is a privilege to work and reassuring to be treated.

Digitalisation will create a 3.0 outpatient unit including a day hospital and an anticancer production unit covering a larger surface area. This transformation will optimise flows and pathways whilst further promoting safe care and treatment.

The new Gustave Roussy structure is more flexible and focused on collaborative and agile management. With more time to spare, caregivers can refocus on delivering the human touch in working environments conducive to promoting talent.  

A massive investment plan to boost high performance

Resources will include major financial, real estate, material and human investments designed to accelerate the performance of Gustave Roussy 3.0 to meet the ambitious targets set out in this strategic plan.
Soon to be more accessible with the imminent arrival of the underground rail network, Site 3.0 with its brand new facilities is rethinking its development model and seeking strategic national and international partnerships in a bid to cast its disruptive innovation net further afield.  

Backed by strong support from the State, among other sources, this approach also requires a tenfold increase in philanthropy. The wealth of this plan is underpinned by the great patrons and donors who will bring it to fruition. It is hoped that new civil society stakeholders will join forces with them in this venture.

At the forefront of cancer research for 100 years, Gustave Roussy will continue to extend its expertise beyond its walls and across borders in its commitment to make major advances in curing cancer accessible to as many individuals as possible and indeed to society as a whole.


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