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Cancer Core Europe

An ambitious initiative that patients will benefit from

Cancer Core Europe, a transformative European network uniting medical and scientific experts, seeks to accelerate the translation of discovery from the laboratory to the clinical setting.

Created in July 2014, Cancer Core Europe brings together six of the biggest European cancer research centers:

Cancer Core Europe

The objective of Cancer Core Europe is to harness the scientific and medical activity of these six institutes, reaching a critical mass of activity and assuring that discoveries are taken from the bench to the bedside of patients.


Objectives and research topics

  • Sharing medical and scientific data
    Build a common database between the six centers and define standards in order to facilitate sharing and analysis of data.
  • Immuno-oncology
    Develop new immunotherapeutic molecules and tests that predict patient response to immunotherapy.
  • Imaging
    Share expertise on the most innovative, non-invasive imaging techniques such as functional MRI, and use of radioisotopes, enabling patient follow-up from diagnosis to treatment.
  • Genomic
    Create a common platform enabling high-quality molecular diagnosis, thereby permitting all centers to search for genetic anomalies involved in causing cancer.
  • Clinical Trials
    Increase the number of molecules tested in Cancer Core Europe's centers, develop an understanding of the biology of patients' tumors and their underlying genetic anomalies to develop personalized medicine and the development of immunesurveillance.
  • Education and Training
    Permit clinicians and researchers in each member center to receive additional training, notably on translational research.

Find out more on Cancer Core Europe's website.

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