Research Governance

Director of Research Division
Prof. Fabrice André

Phone:+33 (0)1 42 11 61 59

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Research Governance

Gustave Roussy’s Research Division

Gustave Roussy brings together the skills which are required to develop integrated research on cancer, ranging from basic research to technological work, from epidemiology to clinical research and from sociology to psycho-oncology. 

Research work is carried out in clinical departments, in recognised research units and in technical departments.

The Institute’s principal objective is to become the European leader in the development of novel therapies in oncology. Its strategy depends on synergy between the constituent parts of its research effort; the continuity of research from its inception to the patient’s bed; and its strategic partnerships.

In 2012, more than 1,200 articles were published in peer-reviewed journals, of which more than 120 were in journals with an impact factor above 10.  

The European Affairs and Grants Office

As part of the Research Division, the European Affairs and Grants Office is charged with assisting staff to secure research funding, especially from the European Commission, and supports clinical and research projects alike. With 13 years’ experience in preparing European projects, the European Affairs and Grants Office has submitted and supported 51 projects overall.


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