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Prof. Fabrice André

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Research Governance

Research Directorate

Gustave Roussy brings together the skills required to develop integrated research on cancer, covering a large scale from exploratory research to clinical research, including expertise fields such as biology, imaging, epidemiology, biostatistics, data science, social and human sciences, and health economics.

Given the societal impact of cancer and the lack of understanding of its determinants, research is inherent to the practice of cancer care, and tightly associated to this practice in each hospital.

Within Gustave Roussy, the Research Directorate consists of 4 key divisions and one General Secretariat for Research:

  • The clinical research division is structured into thirteen clinical research teams by organs or therapeutic approach (also named committees), five offices and a clinical investigation center (CIC).
  • The exploratory and translational research division collaborates with Inserm, CNRS, and the Université Paris-Saclay to oversee 31 research teams operating within ten joint research units (including seven co-supervised with Inserm and three with CNRS). Science technology platforms are centralized within the Unité Mixte de Service AMMICa, jointly supervised by CNRS UAR 3655, Inserm US 23, and the Université Paris-Saclay. Additionally, four teams integrated into joint research units without co-supervision from Gustave Roussy are also housed at the institute.
  • The teaching and university relations division, including the School of Cancer Science, the Doctoral school of oncology: Biology, Medicine, Health, and the Medical Library.
  • The international academic network division, in charge of European and international partnerships, such as Cancer Core Europe and Gustave Roussy Alumni network.


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