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Organisation of the catchment area and of care pathways

Because of the high quality of its research teams and by virtue of the large number of patients it sees, Gustave Roussy is a centre of medical and scientific development in the Île-de-France. In 2015, Gustave Roussy widened its possibilities for patient care by merging with the Chevilly-Larue Hospital.

Establishment of care pathways

Together with its partners, the Institute is creating a patient catchment-area network with the intention of improving the quality and accessibility of care for all patients. These partnerships concern activities which the Institute is not in a position to provide and they accord with the developments desired by the public sector.     

Some real pathways are already in place and these will be strengthened in the years to come. Downstream from treatment at the Institute, Gustave Roussy is conducting a policy to approve follow-up care and palliative care services for patients.    

Development of complementary arrangements

In parallel, Gustave Roussy is building partnerships with other hospitals which are based on complementarity:

  • Since 2012, the Marie-Lannelongue Medical and Surgical Centre and Gustave Roussy have been combining their skills to provide comprehensive management of patients with thoracic cancers through the International Thoracic Cancer Centre.  By bringing together all the specialists in this field, the International Thoracic Cancer Centre facilitates the provision of comprehensive and optimal management of patients with thoracic cancers.   
  • In 2015, an agreement was signed between Gustave Roussy and the Sainte-Anne Hospital Centre to strengthen diagnostic and research collaboration between them and to construct oncology care pathways for patients with nervous system disease.   
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