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Strengthening international partnerships

As a leader in cancer in Europe, Gustave Roussy also occupies a prominent place internationally because of its innovative model of comprehensive care, the excellence of its research and the quality of the training it provides to health-care professionals in the field of oncology.

Strong academic connections

The Institute plays a key role in the development of partnerships by making contact with the major European cancer centres. Together with Lausanne University we have links with the MD Anderson Cancer Center in the United States.   

In 2014, Gustave Roussy went further by initiating the creation of the Cancer Core Europe network. In order to respond to the issues raised by research, this network involves such famous centres as:

Promoting the Gustave Roussy model 

Internationally, Gustave Roussy is developing a programme to promote its model of care and is extending beyond its boundaries its mission to treat patients and to train staff, so as to improve access to care for all patients.    

This policy for international development is led by its subsidiary, Gustave Roussy International, and is manifested in hospital projects abroad, which may be one-off or occur several times a year. These have taken place in partner countries such as Kazakhstan, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. 

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