Department Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

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Department Laboratory Medicine and Pathology


The Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology is responsible for the day-to-day management of laboratory tests and pathological anatomy investigations ordered by doctors working on the Gustave Roussy consultative committees and Departments.

The work of the Department is shared between eight units organised in two sectors:

  • The Patient Sector covers all of the Laboratory Medicine specialties, within which standard laboratory tests are performed as well as specialised tests for tumour markers or for possible genetic predispositions.  
  • The Tumour Sector, whose principal role is to establish morphological and molecular diagnoses from cell and tissue samples.   

These tests are performed for patients under the care of Gustave Roussy but may also be requested by doctors from outside the Institute.

Research and Teaching

The Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology is very involved in teaching. There are many training programmes based both within and outside the Institute, which are directed at a broad range of health professionals: trainees, doctors, students, nurses etc. Members of the Department participate regularly in training programmes organised by other departments. Several members of the Department occupy university roles in the Faculties of Medicine or Pharmacy.
The laboratory medicine and pathology doctors are actively involved in cognitive and translational research programmes within Gustave Roussy, in the context of their own specialties. Some of them are in charge of research units. 
Several of them are active in learned societies and have participated in the organisation of national and international conferences.  

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