Department Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

Head of department
Pr Jean-Yves Scoazec

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Department Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

Senior Staff of the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

  • Professor Jean-Yves SCOAZEC
    Head of Department, Head of Pathology Unit
  • Dr Ludovic LACROIX
    Head of the Biochemistry Unit
  • Dr Christophe MARZAC
    Head of the Hematology - Immunolgy Unit
  • Dr Elisabeth CHACHATY
    Head of the Microbiology Unit
  • Dr Etienne ROULEAU
    Head of the Genetics Unit
  •  Dr Sophie VROUTIN
    Head of the Pharmacology Unit
  • Guillaume LAURANT
    Departmental Manager
  • Angélique BUISSON
    Manager of Medical Secretaries
  • Manuella LOPES
    Executive Manager