Ambulatory care

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Ambulatory care

Ambulatory care

Depending on your doctor’s advice, many treatments can be administered without your being admitted to hospital.   

According to the medical decision, you may be looked after:

  • as an outpatient in the Gustave Roussy Day Hospital. You will return to your home on the same day with some restrictions or you will be advised about accommodation nearby;    
  • at the place where you are residing (home, hotel, other accommodation);
  • in a follow-up care unit, which may be for medical care or for convalescence. The doctor will decide, in consultation with you, whether to direct you to this type of facility.   

Outpatient chemotherapy

Day Hospital

At the time of your first chemotherapy session, the nurse will explain the treatment stages, side effects and how to reduce or abolish them, and how to maintain or improve your quality of life. She will give you a booklet entitled Your Chemotherapy.    

You should not be reluctant to talk about these adverse effects with the doctor or nurse because there are ways of making them more tolerable.  

The nurse will arrange for telephone follow-up during the week after your first treatment. You will also be given the contact details of the unit, in case you need it during the period between treatments.  

If you have any queries or anxieties, in particular concerning side effects which are unexpected or so severe as to seem abnormal, do not hesitate to call.

Where you are residing.

In collaboration with the treatment units, the Gustave Roussy Department for Coordination of Outpatient Care (CSE) will see you about arranging your treatment with the help of private health care professionals, service providers and the hospital at home (HAD) service.

Day-case surgery

This is surgery which may be performed under local or general anaesthetic, but which does not require your passing the following night in the hospital.
You leave the hospital the same evening. It is necessary that someone comes to pick you up and stay with you the night after surgery.


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