Drug Development

Head of department
Pr Christophe Massard

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Drug Development <br>Department


A department dedicated to Phase I clinical trials at Gustave Roussy, the Department of Therapeutic Innovation and Early Stage Trials (DITEP) aims to offer patients in therapeutic failure access to innovative molecules and accelerate the development of new cancer treatments. It has been accredited by the Institut National du Cancer as a Centre de Phase Précoce (CLIP²), and is authorized by the Agence Régionale de Santé to conduct Phase I trials.


Organisation of the Department

The department comprises two hospital wards dedicated primarily to the treatment and follow-up of patients enrolled in early-stage therapeutic trials:

  • a conventional hospitalization service (SITEP conventional) with 11 beds
  • an outpatient department (SITEP ambulatoire) with 11 chairs and 3 beds.

It is also supported by :

  • a Consultation Unit
  • a Service Opérationnel des Phases Précoces (SOP²).

The medical team is made up of 14 investigating physicians, including 6 research physicians (MD-PhD), heads of clinics, resident physicians, and welcomes DES and inter-CHU interns. Care is provided by a dedicated team of nurses working in close collaboration with all the professions involved in clinical research: medical assistants, research medical assistants, planners, clinical research associates and sample managers. All in all, a team of over 140 people are involved in the management of our activities.


A growing number of patients enrolled in Phase I trials

Thanks to Gustave Roussy's dynamic approach and the partnerships it has forged with the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, DITEP is enabling an ever-increasing number of patients to gain access to innovative treatments.

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DITEP's medical and scientific expertise covers the evaluation of numerous inhibitors with different molecular targets, immune modulators, and regulators of epigenetic and metabolic mechanisms.
DITEP is particularly interested in early-stage trials:

  • in immunotherapy, a new therapeutic approach that is transformative in terms of its potency and the multiplicity of cancers it targets,
  • in hematology: lymphomas, leukemias and myelodysplastic syndromes
  • and the combination of new molecules with radiotherapy.

The DITEP maintains close links with all Gustave Roussy's organ committees* (bi-member DITEP physicians) and its national network of referring oncology physicians. This enables it to propose innovative trials to patients with frequent cancer subtypes with particular molecular abnormalities, or rare cancers for which medical needs remain unmet.

Finally, DITEP has set up several molecular tumor profiling or "Precision Medicine" programs, such as MOSCATO and MATCH-R. These enable patients to be steered towards the most appropriate and beneficial targeted treatments, bringing innovation to the crossroads of early trials and tumor biology.

*A group of professionals specialized in a particular organ (skin, lung, breast, etc.).