Drug Development

Head of department
Dr Santiago Ponce

+33 (0)1 42 11 42 96

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Drug Development <br>Department

​Senior staff of the Department

  • Dr Santiago Ponce
    Head of Department
  • Dr Yohann Loriot
    Deputy Head of Department
  • Guylène Chartier
    Head of early phase clinical operations unit
  • Dr Vincent Ribrag
    Head of conventional hospital unit
  • Dr Antoine Hollebecque
    Head of conventional hospital
  • Dr Andreea Varga
    Head of outpatient care unit
  • Dr Aurélien Marabelle
    Director of BIOTHERIS (CIC INSERM 1428)
  • Dr Eric Angevin
    Industrial Partnerships Alliance Manager
  • Dr Jean-Pierre Armand
    Senior scientific consultant.
  • Pascale Dielenseger
    Clinical care coordinator
  • Katia Willinger
    Manager of Medical Secretaries


DITEP principal investigators and sub-investigators