Practical services

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Practical services

A team of chaplains is based in the hospital.

The chapel and the chaplaincy are located at Villejuif on the 6st floor (lift K), room 926, and at the Chevilly-Larue Hospital.

Tel.: +33 (0)1 42 11 47 51

The chapel is a place for contemplation and is always open and available for all.

Catholic religion

The chaplain and a team of lay helpers are available on site from Monday to Saturday. They regularly visit the care units. 

Muslim religion

A prayer-room is located on the 6st floor (lift K), room 920. 

Other religious communities

The members of the chaplaincy at Gustave Roussy are at the service of all patients and maintain links with representatives of other religious communities.      

You may also approach care staff or the housekeeper if you wish to see a cleric of your chosen religion.


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