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Education as a vector of socialisation

It is fundamentally important to maintain educational continuity for all these young patients. This continuity is supplied both within and outside Gustave Roussy thanks to a teaching team composed of teachers from the National Education system and volunteer teachers who are members of the « School in the Hospital » charitable association. The team is involved in and conscious of the specific needs of these pupils.

Education within Gustave Roussy

Teachers from the National Education system are responsible for children from nursery and primary school age groups and are on site during school terms on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. They establish a relationship with the child’s original school and they arrange sittings for College certificates and the baccalaureat within the hospital.
A plastic arts teacher is financed by charitable funds and conducts a specific workshop.  

Lessons at home

If your child is too tired to return to school between treatment sessions, the hospital teachers may, with parental agreement, arrange for lessons in the home by calling on the SAPAD (service for help with teaching in the home) from the patient’s original local authority.
If your child is bedbound, the teachers may come to the bedside.

The School in the Hospital association

Volunteer teachers give individual lessons free of charge. These are appropriate to the scholastic level of hospitalised young college and high school students. On request, some teaching may be arranged for students at a higher level.

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