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The Institute

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Gustave Roussy is the premier European Cancer Centre. It is a centre for patient care, research and teaching, and patients with all types of cancer can be treated there.

It looks to place innovation at the heart of a human, scientific and technological revolution in the fight against cancer. 

We deploy cutting-edge research with the aim of making major discoveries, 
with our doctors we are establishing more individualised and less invasive medicine,  
we administer high quality treatment under the safest conditions, 
we are investing in the most modern technologies, 
we are developing innovative pathways to offer patients and their families well-being, good communication and help in these times of difficulty. 

Our commitments

The Institute was founded as a result of the motivation of Professor Gustave Roussy, the father of the concepts of «cross-boundary working » and «multi-disciplinary patient management». For 70 years it has been developing an approach to oncology which remains faithful to its founder’s values: innovation, dynamism, cooperation and benevolence. All of this is built on the three guiding principles: patient care, research and teaching.    

The integration of care, research and teaching

Gustave Roussy is a source of innovations in treatment and advances in diagnostic techniques. It employs an integrated approach to research, patient care and teaching in order to benefit the patient, and it brings together all the skills which are essential for top quality research in oncology. This encompasses basic research, clinical research and translational research to link the two.   

High technology medicine in the service of mankind

The Institute has expertise in the management of rare cancers and complex tumours. It treats all cancers at every stage of life. It offers its patients individualised care combining innovation and a humane approach. The treatment is important but so is quality of life, physical, psychological and social.

Gustave Roussy is a hospital for specialist referral of complex cases and rare tumours. It can bring to bear skills in medical oncology, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, interventional radiology and reconstructive surgery.  

Because of its commitment to teaching, Gustave Roussy remains in touch with and even anticipates advances in the discipline and so can predict the development of new specialties.

As a Cancer Centre, Gustave Roussy is affiliated to the Unicancer Federation.

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Gustave Roussy : Europe’s leading comprehensive centre

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