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The Institute

Leading Cancer Centre in Europe, Gustave Roussy is ranked #4 world's best oncology hospital according to Newsweek magazine and the first one outside the United States. The institute treats patients with all types of cancer at any age and is expert in the treatment of rare and complex tumours.

We place innovation at the heart of a human, scientific and technological revolution in the fight against cancer. 

Our physicians and researchers respond to a continuing challenge: deliver patients the fruits of the most recent advances. They devote their energies and their skills to this great challenge: to speed up progress in order to expand the limits of knowledge and offer patients continuing improvements in the specificity of their treatment.

Our commitments

The Institute was founded as a result of the motivation of Professor Gustave Roussy, the father of the concepts of "cross-boundary working" and "multi-disciplinary patient management". For a century, it has been developing an approach to oncology which remains faithful to its founder’s values: innovation, dynamism, cooperation and benevolence. All of this is built on the three guiding principles: patient care, research and teaching.    

In the vanguard of progress

Gustave Roussy brings together the best workers in fundamental, clinical and translational research. Very close collaboration between research scientists and doctors means that patients get access in the shortest possible time to the very latest developments in treatment. Through the impact of its scientific articles and the presence of its researchers at international conferences, Gustave Roussy proves the effectiveness of its model as an integrated centre for research and clinical practice. The activities of the Institute’s research units are concentrated on personalised medicine, immunotherapy, DNA repair and artificial intelligence

Our ambition is immense: extending the frontiers of science, continuously reinventing methods of treatment of patients and exploring every source of innovation. And raise the hope of curing cancer in the 21st century.

High technology medicine in the service of mankind

The Institute has expertise in the management of rare cancers and complex tumours. It treats all cancers at every stage of life. It offers its patients individualised care combining innovation and a humane approach. The treatment is important but so is quality of life, physical, psychological and social.

Gustave Roussy is a hospital for specialist referral of complex cases and rare tumours. It can bring to bear skills in medical oncology, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, interventional radiology and reconstructive surgery.  

As a Cancer Centre, Gustave Roussy is affiliated to the Unicancer Federation.

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