Thyroid cancer

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Thyroid cancer

Treatment of thyroid cancer

The thyroid gland is located in the neck. Its main function is the secretion of iodine-containing hormones. The thyroid is the main iodine-trapping organ in the body.

The presence of a swelling in the neck or features of compression may reveal a thyroid nodule. These nodules are very common and they are benign in more than 90% of cases. When they are detected, it is necessary to ascertain whether they are benign or malignant. Gustave Roussy offers a "1 day thyroid nodule service", providing a rapid diagnosis of the nature of the nodules and advice on treatment if that is necessary.

There are three types of thyroid cancer:

  • papillary and follicular cancers (85% of cases).
  • medullary cancers
  • anaplastic cancers.

A basic risk factor is exposure to radiation, especially where that occurred during childhood. It is important to note that the administration of radioactive chemicals for diagnostic purposes (isotope scans etc.) in adults does not increase the risk of thyroid cancer.  

Gustave Roussy, referral centre

Management depends on a number of specific therapeutic approaches: surgery, radioactive iodine treatment (thyroid) and other metabolic irradiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted molecular therapy, radiotherapy, radiofrequency ablation, chemo-embolisation and other local and regional measures. These anti-cancer treatment scan be carried out privately outside the Institute or in the Day Hospital or in the Department of Nuclear Medicine and Endocrine Cancer.   

Gustave Roussy is recognised by the National Institute of Cancer as a referral centre for the treatment of endocrine cancer. In this context we participate in numerous consultative meetings involving the French group of endorsed centres.


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